I Am Lost

I have little clue how many websites / blogs I have going, especially since I bagged Facebook without another way to publicize the screeds, which weren’t setting the world on fire anyway. Researching news releases, and expanding LinkedIn profile now, because I’m tired of being a slug at long last. Writing is the only thing I can do with efficacy – words flow easily and I approach boredom, then seek other pursuits.

Or is that attention – deficiency? Same difference.

I realize I haven’t opined on my numerous motel stays for a while now, other than some online reviews for Booking dot com, even though that’s been my home(s) since I got sick of my younger brother’s disdain just before Independence Day.  The stay at my parent’s old house had been less than ideal almost from the start, but I gutted it out until he told me I was sleeping in his weight room. But I digress.

The first stay was at a Motel 6, and though it had the laminate floors I prefer I found myself growing weary of the hoi polloi that inhabits franchises like that. I went for a stay at the nearby Super 8 after a few days, getting a weekly rate and breakfast included. Think that was about my favorite long-term stay; the air conditioner kicked ass, big flat screen, microwave and refrigerator and an ironing board. Travelling in a 2013 Nissan Sentra translates to wrinkled apparel, and just because I’m a bum doesn’t mean I need to appear dishevelled and unkempt. I tipped housekeeping a few bucks for clean sheets and towels, and the woman not only re-supplied everything but left me a little note. Breakfast wasn’t great, no eggs or sausage, so I opted for biscuits and gravy chased with peach yogurt, since I didn’t care for the two berry choices. Their coffee was decent, and available all day.

To be continued

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