Final Thoughts / Online Dating

My last foray is officially over after a one month subscription to Zoosk. This is a site where apparently a conversation with one subscriber can be discerned by a third party. I struck up a conversation with a woman in Lake Geneva, and we actually met one afternoon. I made the mistake of telling her that she was the only one I was engaged with, and when I checked to see who was viewing me she was there several times a day, monitoring my profile for changes.


Oddly, I got an inquiry from a different woman, and was so flattered at the solicitation that it never occurred to me not to respond. The first woman and I had switched to texting, and one night she asked out of the blue if I was busy. I said ‘no’, but somehow she figured out that I had been sinister enough to chat with someone else. That was that.


One of my biggest issues with online dating has been the fact that I rarely got interest from women I find really attractive, so more often that not I settled for the less flashy models on the showroom floor. This was great for my ego as I was routinely flattered for my looks and general level of charm, but on the other hand it was presumed that I was not to be trusted in a relationship, and I would bolt at the first more comely female I saw.


I’m a visceral guy, and it is patently obvious to me that odds of finding a suitable mate online are nil. For whatever reason, I can’t be intimate with a woman who outweighs me, which removes from consideration ninety percent of the prospects who evince interest in me. As a shallow and discerning male, this world is simply not for me. My conclusion is that most of the babes are gold-digging doxies, and the others are desperate and suspicious. Solitude is far preferable.