Weed Reflecting

I have written in the past about weed control, and although it is not a personal issue with me any longer I am still interested in the subject. I’m also tired of hearing about law firms trying to cash in on the glyphosate / cancer thing. Herbicides have been a touchy subject for years,and that is only going to become more contentious. I believe we can all agree on that, a least.


Given that invasive plants are going to continue to thrive where people don’t want them, and that keeping them at bay involves either herbicides of some sort, or mechanical control. Less controversial spray concoctions have been used, such as vinegar or corn gluten, and if you keep them mowed down or mulch with something weeds won’t grow in the theory is that they will eventually die out.


But I’m not writing about weed control in edible crops – that’s a different aspect. Invasive plants in ornamental areas, or even roadsides and rights-of-way, allow the applicator to use more aggressive formulations. If the customer is willing to pay for it, contractors are happy to increase their physical control – herbicides exist to avoid labor costs.


What I’m wondering is, what sort of cosmetic concessions is the public willing to consider? Safety issues aside, are people willing to view crack weeds around parks and libraries, shopping mall curbs and parking lot beds, on your fairways and putting greens? The businesses and municipalities pay for weed control because believe me, they hear about it. Labor shortages and environmental concerns will be ongoing, so I’m sure the answers will become apparent.



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