Online Dating 4

It occurs that not everyone reading this knows a lot about dating sites, so here’s a primer: upon signing up, the user is prompted to create a profile. One is encouraged to add recent pictures and create a thorough biography, including hobbies, musical preferences, goals in life. After screwing with this for over four years I can tell you it is not easy. I love writing, but not about myself, and frankly if not for my looks I may have never seen a response.



Many of these sites also offer tedious psychological profiles to complete, ostensibly to engage algorithms which provide compatible matches for the user’s review.  I have zero interest in the recesses of my mind. If there’s one thing my vapid ex illustrated, being a good person means exactly dick in maintaining a relationship.  At times in a profile I have referenced the fact that these presentations are not accurate simply by virtue of being written, and that they should be as succinct and generic as possible, and that the respondents should let physical attraction determine whether to meet in person.



As I scroll through the tales some of these babes put out it becomes evident that many disagree – some of their profiles are virtual articles and seem heavily influenced by cheap romance novels or cheesy greeting cards. As a denizen of the pacific northwest, I can also expect a percentage who want nothing to do with dissimilar viewpoints. That’s just as well, because although I am faithful to my beliefs it doesn’t define me, but it is depressing that it has come to this point.



Of course, since I’m discouraged beyond the point of actively dating anymore, this issue is a moot point to me, but I do enjoy the academic exercise. It’s foreign to me to experience that level of vitriol – when the democrats were in power it never occurred to make opposition to him a deal breaker towards a relationship. Interesting times.

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