Online Dating Part 3

So I read my last couple of posts on this subject and realize how uncomfortable the reader may be because of my disclosures. I apologize for that, but my purpose  was to establish legitimacy. After all, if a guy is willing to admit his feeble ability in this regard he is apt to be honest throughout, don’t you think? Darn right.  


I’m keeping my hand in just for shits and grins – every other week or so I tweak my meager profile on the one site I retain. To quote the world’s greatest rock ‘n roll song, ”can’t you see I’m on…a losing streak?” My purpose has devolved to observer only.


I wonder what kind of insight there is to be gleaned from the women on the site, without having to actually meet and waste more money on gas and overpriced coffee?  Obviously my policy of not messaging isn’t going to be useful, but I must tread carefully.

Please stay tuned.











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