Online Dating Part 2

I hope I didn’t come off as vituperative wrapping up the first segment of this topic, but I’m trying to put my finger on my lack of success with women.


Maybe it’s just karmic reckoning, but that doesn’t explain everything. Regardless, that’s all the navel gazing you need to withstand.


One thing I’ve noted in female profiles is this tendency to put out a veritable wish list regarding their ideal man. These often veer away from substantial items like non- smoker or owning a car to matching hopes and dreams and into that ephemeral desire for a soul mate.


My contention is that soul mates are made, not born, especially at my age. Friends first is another trite entry in half of these profiles, and nobody has explained to my satisfaction how a pal becomes a lover. Of course one must enjoy the company of both relationships, but I subscribe to the inverse.


If I still maintained a profile, the headline would be Friends Last.

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